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2012: DzikoSoft Excel Website is no longer updated, but it will be maintained as long as possible for your convenience.

Last updated Aug 13, 2010 - new games added to Library.

Welcome to DzikoSoft - The Excel Gaming Facility! The title of role playing game build under the Project RPG.XLS is now revealed. Also, the new version of RPG.XLS Engine is finally available. This version utilizes routines that will be used in actual game. It can be considered the milestone of RPG.XLS Project.

RPG.XLS 0.70a engine screenshot

With recently added settings section and expanded engine section you can learn quite a lot about the development of my RPG.XLS Project. My recent addition in GMEXCEL Section is an essay about Codeless Excel Fun. It explains how to produce some funny workbooks without the use of VBA.

In September 2007 I finally started the biggest Excel gaming project starting from the scratch - RPG.XLS. I recently added first RPG to my Library – Ed Gasson’s Squaria Adventure. Looks like Excel gaming is approaching its new era.

My Excel Games Library is available in GMEXCEL Section in two versions: Alphabetic and Categorized. To my knowledge, it constitutes the biggest list of Excel games available on the net. Library is frequently updated nad now it covers 167 titles:

DzikoSoft Excel Games Library

Make sure to try out my helicopter game in Excel, GMEX Copter. My other game, Snaked, includes both classic version of the snake game and challenging Snake Labyrinth mode. My first published excel game is an arcade-puzzle Calculor's Dungeon, a difficult quest to save princess Excelya kidnapped by evil sorcerer Calculor.

DzikoSoft origins go back to middle 1990s when shareware role-playing game Lords of Doom was released. Now DzikoSoft returns to shareware / freeware scene with new, not entirely serious, yet interesting projects. DzikoSoft Project GMEXCEL (Gaming Excel) constitutes my attempt to discuss ideas and collective projects for small and large-scale Excel games.

I want to make my website a lively discussion forum and you feedback is important to me. Should you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please contact me at:

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